HST Front of House Courses

Training Series

Getting Started in HST

  1. Getting Started In HST
  2. Creating Users
  3. Creating POS Items and Menus


  1. Student Record Lookups
  2. Student Record Details
  3. Teacher and Adults
  4. Direct Certification Manual Processing and Reclassifying
  5. Creating and Sending POS Letters
  6. Eligibility By Area Export

Managing Free and Reduced

  1. Getting Started in Free and Reduced
  2. Processing Free and Reduced Applications
  3. Online Applications
  4. Creating and Sending Application Letters


  1. Manager Training-Video
  2. Cashier Training-Video
  3. Cashier POS Guide
  4. Daily Entry
  5. Meals To Go

End Of the Month & Financial Reports

  1. Reports that Support Claiming
  2. Financial Reporting
  3. Liability Reporting


  1. Importing and Exporting
  2. Importing and Exporting Automation
  3. Reimbursable Meal Pricing 
  4. Schools and Satellite School  Setup
  5. Global Options
  6. Community Options
  7. A La Carte Vending (pdf)
  8. System Credit Cards (pdf)

Recurring  Tasks

  1. School Start-Up
  2. Direct Certification Import File Preparation
  3. DC Imports
  4. HST Verification
  5. HST FOH End of Year & Rollover
  6. HST FOH Rollover Quick Guide (pdf)
  7. End of Year Tips

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